Additional services for teachers at PASCH schools

Projects, competitions and special activities, interaction with colleagues throughout the world via the community, further training and lessons online on the PASCH learning platform – all this is available on the website for you as a teacher at a PASCH school. Find out what is on offer.

First step: registering on PASCH-net

If you wish to use the restricted sections of PASCH-net – such as the community or the learning platform – you must first register. You can obtain a registration code from your advisor, your lesson expert or from colleagues at your school who have already registered. You then use this code for one-off registration. After registering all you have to do is log on with your email address and password to access the restricted areas.

Generating registration codes for teachers and students

When you have registered on PASCH-net, you can quite easily generate registration codes yourself for your students and for the teachers at your school.

Instructions: generating registration codes
(PDF, 300KB)

If you require assistance or have any questions on this, feel free to contact

Communities: working and learning in a network

Within the teacher community you can interact with colleagues throughout the world on lesson-related issues and work together to formulate ideas for projects.

Have we got you interested? Then join the communities right away.

Instructions: joining the community
(PDF, 450KB)

Working with the student community in German lessons

The student community provides various activities, projects and competitions in which your students can participate. It is also ideal for smaller international networking projects with other students.

Join in: have your say, make your mark and win prizes

Have your say

Do your students like to discuss topics with others? Are they interested in what students in other countries think about specific topics? If so, why don’t you and your students take part in our discussion of the month? In the community your students can discuss a new topic each month with learners of German from all over the world. You can use our reading comprehension and the worksheets on the topic of the month to prepare your students.

Make your mark

Favourite outfit, favourite place, favourite book, celebrations in their country – in our photo activities your students can share photos and texts in the community and thereby practise their German. Do any of your students like puzzles? If so, tell them about our picture puzzles on German composite nouns and our maths puzzles.

Win a prize

Write an article, make a film, produce a podcast, take photos – your students have the chance to win great prizes in our competitions.

Projects: networking with PASCH schools throughout the world

Would you like to link up with PASCH schools throughout the world? Then join in with one of our projects!

The PASCH mascot Treffi goes from school to school
An orange travels from school to school
Odyssey – an intercultural trail via email or blog

PASCH-Global: blog for the online student newspaper

PASCH-Global is the PASCH initiative’s online student newspaper, in which learners of German from all over the world can publish their articles in a blog. Students can get involved in various ways. The articles, which cover exciting topics from Germany and throughout the world, can also be used in lessons. And the authors will be delighted to receive comments from other countries!

PASCH learning platform: working in virtual classrooms

On the moodle-based PASCH learning platform you can set up virtual workplaces and classrooms for lessons. Here you can share material and work together with students or colleagues.


Further training online: getting to know PASCH-net

On the PASCH learning platform you can participate in various free tutored further training courses online. The PASCH-net certification scheme provides an introduction to working with PASCH-net.

The moodle certification scheme targets colleagues with experience of moodle who wish to deepen their knowledge.

Newsletter: receive information on PASCH-net

Have we got you interested? If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive a monthly update on what is currently available on PASCH-net.

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