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Reading and listening comprehensions on Germany, teaching materials for download, information and tips for students on studying in Germany – check out the material that is available to all teachers on the website.

Reading comprehensions: learn more about life in Germany

How do young people in Germany live, and what are their views? Are you looking for up-to-date texts for your lessons on topics related to life in Germany? On PASCH-net you can find reading and listening comprehensions for various language abilities (A1/A2 to B2/C1) with vocabulary explanations.

Topics marked with an asterisk – help towards achieving Part Two of the German Language Certificate (DSD II)

On PASCH-net you will also find reading comprehensions whose language level and subject matter are particularly suitable for learning groups working to obtain Part Two of the German Language Certificate (DSD II). The texts are marked with three asterisks, the colour of which indicates the language level of the respective text. Grey asterisks indicate texts which are below the level of B2 linguistically and are intended for long-term study of the topic concerned. Coloured asterisks indicate texts which correspond linguistically to the B2/C1 level.

Teaching materials for download

On PASCH-net teaching materials related to the reading comprehensions on German life are available for download. As well as a suggested lesson plan, you will always find worksheets which you can print out directly for use in your lessons.

Our package of materials “Online student newspaper in German lessons” helps teachers to implement student newspaper projects. You can download the materials, which include information, tips and worksheets for German lessons, from PASCH-net.

Studying in Germany: information and tips

Are your students interested in studying in Germany? If so, they will find important information and tips on PASCH-net. Students from various countries report on studying in Germany and say how they have found the experience.

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