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Interviews with young people in Germany, contact with students all over the world, exercises to practise your German – PASCH-net has it all. Take a look at what is on the website and how it works.

First step: registering on PASCH-net

If you wish to use the restricted sections of PASCH-net – such as the student community – you have to register first. Your teacher will give you a registration code. You then use this code for one-off registration. After registering all you have to do is log on with your email address and password to access the restricted areas.

The student community: practise your German and make friends

In the PASCH-net community you can get to know learners of German from PASCH schools all over the world and practise your German. Even if you haven’t been learning German for very long, the community has something for everyone.

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Instructions: joining the community
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Join in: have your say, make your mark and win prizes

Have your say

Do you like to discuss issues with others? Are you interested in what students in other countries think about specific topics? If so, take part in our discussion of the month. In the community you can discuss a new topic each month with learners of German from all over the world.

Make your mark

Your favourite outfit, favourite place, favourite book, celebrations in your country – take part in our photo activities and share your photos and texts with the community. PASCH-net even has something for puzzle fans – Why not try our picture or maths puzzles?

Win a prize

PASCH-net frequently holds competitions in which you can produce an article, a video, a song or a radio spot, for example. Why not have a go and win some great prizes?

Reading comprehensions: learn more about young people in Germany

Fashion, trends, school, leisure – if you are interested in how young people in Germany live and what they think, the youth section is just right for you. There you can read articles in German and listen to what young people from Germany have to say. Some articles are easy (language level A2/B1), others are a little more challenging (B1/B2) and some are geared towards students who have been learning German for a long time (B2/C1). But whatever level the articles have, difficult words are always explained to help you understand the text.

PASCH-Global: the PASCH initiative’s online student newspaper

On PASCH-Global, the PASCH initiative’s online student newspaper blog, you can read articles from PASCH students on interesting topics from Germany and all over the world. The authors will be delighted to receive your comments!

Studying in Germany: information and tips

Are you interested in studying in Germany? If so, you can find important information and tips on the website. Students from various countries report on studying in Germany and say how they have found the experience.

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